Other Activity


290 children immunize for  Pulse Polio Immunization program .
This program  organized with  Parivar Kalyan Sansthan Telco .   [ The society is crumbled with POLIO which is a highly dangerous disease .  which has no cure but is the child   is vaccinated then   he    wouldn't    get infected by POLIO virus.  To get   rid of Polio From the society ]

Catch –up Round

0 to 6 year {305 + 315 = 620 Children} were supplied vitamin A supplementation, De warming ,immunization for BCG & Measles.

Iron and folic acid distribution among ANC & PNC  { 70  + 65  =135 Nos.} Peasant .

This Catch-up Round conducted every six Month with Parivar Kalyan Sansthan Telco


We have a high quality lab with which we can to almost all the basic test to confirm the disease. During the year 2003 -2004 we conducted 1205  Pathological tests  at S.D.S.D & Welfare Society Centre  Laboratory.