Effective Community Organizations

Through modular training programmes, challenge grants, exchanges and mentoring, We works to strengthen then capacity of local organizations to mobilize communities, develop and resource practical initiatives, lobby and advocate for local change, build alliances and networks, and find ways to sustain their own activities.

Individual learning

Through demand-driven training and practice-based learning, study tours and exchanges, mentoring and consultancy support, We works to enhance the knowledge, confidence and skills of individual community activists, organisers and leaders. We also works to strengthen the resource base of trainers and resource people in all regions.

Progressive Philanthropy

Through research, publications, convening debates, technical support for philanthropic institutions and associations, exchanges and study tours, training, and challenge grants, We works to understand traditions of giving, mutual aid and solidarity, to nurture responsive community-based philanthropy organisations, and link local philanthropy with the pursuit of local development goals.

Effective grant making and social investment

Through our own grants programmes, and through training and consulting services, study tours and exchanges, publications and research, We works to nurture the development of community focussed grantmaking bodies, and to explore the potential of social investment and other mechanisms for resourcing local development.